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Token offerings have been through multiple iterations over the years. For every modern day issue a crypto solution is ought to be found. With new projects launching everyday on new blockchains and (decentralized) exchanges, it is time to jump into the haystack of crypto projects and find the most promising ones.

5. Synthetix ($SNX)

One of the most hyped and fast-growing DeFis out there. It is a decentralized asset insurance protocol built on Ethereum. Synthetix allows users to mint synthetic representations of real-world assets as tokens that peg the value of the asset they are based on. This means that you will be able to buy a variety of stocks with crypto!
The Synthetix platform has been made in such a way that it allows their investors to stake their $SNX tokens. Staking $SNX can be found beneficial.

4. PancakeSwap ($CAKE)

As the Binance Smart Chain has been experiencing a growth spurt in popularity. Decentralized exchanges that make use of BSC have also been able to grow. With yield farms popping up like mushrooms, there are only a few that really succeed and even thrive during these times.

Pancakeswap has been the number 1 BSC swap since the beginning of the chain. As Ethereum gas fees remain higher than ever, people tend to move some of their funds from ETH to BSC. However, due to the latest developments regarding Binance, this sector has been going through some uncertain times. Nevertheless, $CAKE tokens are here to stay and will keep continue to grow in popularity.


An interesting project that realizes the use of ETFs within the crypto environment. Especially useful for investors new to crypto who would like to invest in a basket of successful crypto projects. Although being a very new crypto project, HORD has been able to gather many partnerships already. In the world of stocks ETFs have been a very popular weapon of choice when it comes to smart-investing. We would suggest keeping an eye out for this project.


Founded in 2018, Solana is a fast and scalable blockchain allowing for the building of DApps, tokens, and smart contracts. It can process around fifty thousand transactions every second, meaning that it is probably the fastest blockchain right now. Its speed and low latency make it useful in cases in which Ethereum would become useless. Solana motivates and inspires developers and companies by offering grants, technical support, and a variety of resources.


As everyone knows by now, the Ethereum blockchain has its limitations and issues and this includes the increased fees and the low transaction number that is allowed per second. To solve these inconveniences, the crypto project Polygon, founded in 2017 by Indian software engineers, is meant to become the Internet of Blockchains for Ethereum, scaling the blockchain’s capabilities and linking it to other compatible blockchains. Polygon shows incredible potential to come with a fitting solution to the interoperability issues, increase scalability and overall smoothen up the crypto environment.



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