Top 5 Best NFT Staking Projects

3 min readDec 2, 2021

In today’s list, we are going to take a look at the top 5 NFT staking projects. These NFT projects have proven to be provide the investor of a legitimate passive income. Utility in form of staking is something that has grown to become an important factor concerning the decision-making process of NFT investors.

5. Mutant Cats

We start the list with Mutant Cats. They are the first DAO that purchases and fractionalizes valuable blue chip NFTs to be distributed to its members.

The $FISH token represents fractional shares of Cool Cats held in their vault. Each Mutant Cat NFT earns 10 $FISH per day from staking.

4. CryptoZombiez

Same as Mutant Cats, Crypto Zombiez as well purchases and fractionalizes Blue Chip NFTs to be distributed to its members. The $FLESH token represents fractional shares of Blue Chip NFT held in their vault.

Each Crypto Zombiez NFT earns 10 $FLESH per day. In addition, each Crypto Zombiez NFT grants access to the exclusive DAO community that includes voting rights.

3. Rumble Kong League

Rumble kong league is pretty much an NFT based around a game. Manage your player and participate in exciting 3 versus 3 online matches with and against other Kong NFT holders.

You decide on the play-style and tactics of your Kong, making the most out of any given situation. Compete in various leagues and tournaments to win prizes and earn a living as a digital basketball player.

Earn real money through prize-pools, sponsorships, advertising and other revenue streams. This opens up a completely new way of gaming.

2. Cyberkongz

Second on our list is Cyberkongz. Although they use traditional NFT staking methods, so nothing really innovative, they have been very successfull with it. They are the only NFT project that sort of remains a stable token price.

For example, every Genesis Kong yields 10 $BANANA a day (approx. 470$) You can also customize your CyberKong with the bananas you farm. For example you can buy customs or lores for your unique NFT. This way they tend to keep tokens in the community and in the project.

1. Wolf Game

In this unique new nft related game. Players are given the opportunity to play a risky game with high rewards. For the first time you can use your own ERC-20 and ERC-721 NFT’s to try and steal the NFT’s of other people.

In the meantime you can buy and expand farm land which in its turn will allow people to earn $WOOL tokens.

Honourable mention : PixelPugs

Why we put them in this list as honorable mention is because the project is still in development, they are planning to launch a new revolutionary form of staking known as Node Staking.

While most NFT/DAO projects link their token value to fractionalized blue chips and other NFTS. PixelPugs plan to link their token to (Master) Nodes of strong projects with good fundamentals. This has the huge potential to create a sustainable and continuously compounding stream of rewards.