3 min readJan 12, 2022

What is PixelPugs?

PixelPugs is an NFT project based on the Ethereum blockchain. Every PixelPug has its own unique traits like special hats etc. Some pugs are rarer than others and some even ultra-rare like the golden pugs, nevertheless the overall pixelate art is amazing. In addition, PixelPugs has a great community on Discord community where their latest announcements are made.

The Node Staking Idea

While most NFT / DAO projects link the value of their tokens to other ( Blue Chip ) / BIG NFTS as seen a lot in the form of a “fractional vault”, PixelPugs plans to take a whole other route in the form of linking their token to MasterNodes of strong projects with good fundamentals. Eventual rewards will be distributed to the community wallet. Once interest has been accumulated through their project’s contract the community will start deciding what node they want to have purchased. This gives the community the control of what projects / Master Nodes they will be investing in together.

What makes PixelPugs different from other NFTprojects

The project reinvests the NFT sales in (Master) Validator / Validation nodes, which is similar to how miners get rewards for mining blocks. Nodes create rewards for validating transactions on the cryptocurrency it is based on, just like how mining creates rewards for mining blocks. The generated rewards will then be put into the community reward wallet. The community will then decide how to reinvest the funds. This compounding/reinvestment strategy is a unique and sustainable way compared to how other projects reward their investors.

The Numbers

With 500 sold pugs, 22 (Master) Nodes can be bought. Those nodes will create a total of $23,606 dollars in DAO income per month, this will keep growing. Once all ( 10.000 ) PixelPugs are sold the DAO income will be $448,753 dollars per month. As you can see this can be a very powerful compounding staking tool and way more sustainable than traditional methods of NFT staking. Moreover, because of this way of staking it is possible to spread the risk by diversifying and setting up nodes on different chains/projects.

A Simple Roadmap

The PixelPugs Compounding strategy roadmap consists out of 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Initially, the first group of pugs will be sold and the first nodes will be set up. Staking has started.

Step 2. Every month, the generated rewards will be send to the community reward wallet. The DAO is set up so the PixelPugs team and the community can start working on proposals and then vote on them.

Step 3. The best part is that the investors get to decide! The community will decide the future of their project by casting votes on proposals. For example, PixelPugs holders can vote to:
* Compound the node rewards and set up more nodes.
* Flip other NFT projects.
* Distribute the rewards to PixelPug holders.
* Support charities.
* Use funds to boost gamification ( PixelPug Game )

Every pug counts for 1 vote. Therefore, if you own 1 pug that means you will get to vote only once per proposal.

NFT Key features

Sustainable Tokenomics — Long Term Vision

Revolutionary Staking — Uniqueness

Risk Spreading — Sustainability

Community Voting (DAO) — Staking