How to participate in DisBalancer round A2 DAO

2 min readApr 12, 2021



Participation in Public IDO is based on a lottery system.

To get lottery tickets for DDOS, you need to have ATD tokens. The more ATD tokens you have, the more lottery tickets you can get.

One lottery ticket is pegged to $1,000 in ATD equivalent, and the actual rate of one lottery ticket in ATD tokens, will be announced additionally.

More details about how the lottery system works you can find here:

Registration for participation

If you want to enter the DDOS lottery. You need to wait for the announcement of the DDOS opened registration you also find in A2 socials.

To register in the lottery, you need to use the A2 Telegram Bot.

Go to Telegram

If you don’t have Telegram you can get it here:

Launch the A2DAO Bot

Make sure you have $ATD tokens in your wallet

You can buy $ATD tokens here


Register your Erc-20 wallet via the A2 DAO Bot

We constantly scan all wallets of our members for ATD tokens. The more ATD tokens on your wallet balance, the more DDOS lottery tickets you can get.

Confirm your registration in the lottery

Depending on the number of ATD tokens, the bot will offer you a certain number of lottery tickets. You need to accept the Bot’s conditions and confirm the registration.

You can find more information on how the lottery system works in this article:


After registration you have to wait for the lottery draw.

But be careful! You can’t move ATD tokens from your registered wallet, otherwise you will lose all lottery tickets. If you move or sell at least one ATD token, you will no longer be able to participate in the lottery. You need to wait until the end of the lottery, and your ATD tokens will be automatically “unfrozen” by the A2 DAO Bot.

Lottery will be held automatically by the A2 DAO Bot. Shortly before the start of the lottery, you will receive tickets numbers, conditions and later the results. After the lottery is ended the fundraising phase begins.


After the lottery the winners will receive a message from the A2 DAO Bot with deposit address and the required payment amount. Depending on the project conditions, fundraising can be set in ERC-20, BEP-20, or others chains and different currencies. In any case the conditions of the fundraising will be announced additionally before the final event.


Tokens will be available depending on the conditions of the project. The projects will distribute tokens themself, but in some cases it can be done via the claim procedure on the A2Jump Platform. Please follow A2 and DDOS socials for more information.