Funganomics | Multi-Chain NFT Platform

4 min readDec 2, 2021

Play-to-Earn Crypto

Funganomics is building innovative and fun products within the NFT / PLAY-TO-EARN Universe that fully integrate with their next-generation platform called Fungatopia. Inherently made for their upcoming PLAY-TO-EARN gaming division.

What is play-to-earn gaming?

Play-to-earn games allow users to farm or collect crypto and NFTs which then can be sold on the market. By playing the game regularly, players will be able to earn more items or tokens to sell and generate a passive income. Making money while gaming, something a lot of people have been dreaming of.

Crypto Gaming Engine

Funganomics is also creating a versatile gaming engine that will host third-party gaming and will allow App companies to enter the PLAY-TO-EARN crypto space. In addition, because it is going to be easy to create apps it will open a whole new world for people who prefer mobile gameplay. People can then easily participate in the new ecosystem.

NFT platform

We are building an NFT platform for the future. An NFT platform designed to help artists, brands, and celebrities get into the NFT space. A multi-network platform that enables NFT collectors across different networks to buy and trade NFT’s without the limits of using a single network. With features and functions to assist in the future development of the NFT space.

Why funganomics? | Next Level Crypto Gaming

While new NFT and Play-to-earn gaming sites are being developed/rolled out every day, few if any of them, provide an easy way to create a truly strong and inclusive community that can delight and reward all participants. Funganomics have set its priority on community-building and technology, making sure that both of these factors will not only reach their absolute peak but also will enhance each other.

Augmented reality

Whilst Virtual Reality games require specialized VR headsets, only some augmented reality systems use them. Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. We have the clear intent of exploring all of these gaming opportunities along our long-term roadmap to bring you new and exciting sensory Augmented Reality games.

Roadmap Funganomics

  • Funganomics already completed/ built their marketplace platform: Fungatopia® which is ready for Beta testing
  • They have prepared their debut NFT collection of 10,000 mints across 8 characters with traits (in place and ready to be dropped)
  • They are currently developing an Augmented reality platform that is very near completion and Beta testing
  • Their back-end gaming FGS Engine is well into its development phase: offering hosting services to external game developers
  • In addition, they designed their proposition with token utility and NFT utility that integrates across all of their technologies to enhance the value of the ecosystem and future-proof the business.
  • The FGS Token has been prepared for main-net deployment,


Pre-sale of Funganomics is currently live!
Here is a quick and easy explanation on how to get into the pre-sale.

Go to and create and verify your account. Then, log in and fill in your KYC (know your customer information) and then simply press buy token. Simply follow the steps the website gives you.

Conclusion | Revolutionary NFT Platform

At Zwijberg we are a big fan of play-to-earn gaming and Virtual Reality. We believe both of these developments will shape the future of not only gaming but also of new investing & earning methods. We believe Funganomics shows all the potential to produce and provide the best of both worlds.

Check out the full project through the following links: